Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green2Energy?

Green2Energy is a Switzerland-based company that specializes in renewable energy, including solar, hydroelectric, and wind power generation. We are also involved in sustainable lithium mining, agricultural initiatives, and other projects that promote a greener and more sustainable future.

How long has Green2Energy been in operation?

Green2Energy has been functioning for 40 years, evolving and expanding across the world. During this time, we have established ourselves as a trusted player in the energy industry, with a track record of successful projects and global impact.

What are the investment opportunities offered by Green2Energy?

Green2Energy offers investment opportunities in renewable energy projects, sustainable lithium mining, agriculture and food security initiatives, innovation and technology, and community-owned renewable energy projects. Each investment option provides attractive financial returns while contributing to a sustainable future.

How can I invest with Green2Energy?

first you have to create an account with a valid email and information, verify your identity.Then login and fund your account. choose a suitable plan to invest and your profits will be paid automatically.

How does Green2Energy ensure the sustainability of its projects?

Green2Energy is committed to sustainability across all its projects. We follow rigorous environmental and social standards, prioritize responsible practices, and undertake thorough assessments of our projects' potential impacts. Our focus on long-term sustainability ensures that our investments align with the principles of environmental stewardship, community engagement, and positive social change.

Can individuals from any country invest with Green2Energy?

Yes, individuals from various countries can invest with Green2Energy. Our investment opportunities are open to international investors who share our vision for a sustainable future. However, it is advisable to review any specific legal or regulatory requirements related to investments in your jurisdiction.