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we believe in the power of nature to shape a greener and more sustainable future

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At Green2Energy, we offer a range of exciting investment opportunities that align with our vision for a sustainable and clean energy future. By investing in our projects, you become an integral part of the global energy transition and contribute to a greener world


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We've been active in the field of Renewable energy and agriculture and finance helping elevate people from low level to a more comfortable life

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We boast in our payment system, its very seamless and easy and also secured.

Our Projects

Solar Energy

Invest in our cutting-edge solar energy initiatives, where we harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable electricity


As the demand for lithium-ion batteries grows, Green2Energy is actively involved in responsible lithium mining operations. By investing in our lithium projects, you support the development of the key component for electric vehicles and energy storage systems

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Join us in our hydroelectric power generation endeavors, where we harness the power of flowing water to produce clean and sustainable energy. Our hydro projects contribute to the global renewable energy mix and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Green2Energy recognizes the crucial role of sustainable agriculture in addressing food security and mitigating climate change. Our investment opportunities in agriculture focus on innovative farming techniques, organic practices, and eco-friendly food production methods.

About Us

About Our Company


Fueling Change, Empowering a Sustainable World

Green2energy is a switzerland registered company operating in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and europe. we are registered in the commercial register SZ under the UID CHE-320.309.257.06, a catalyst for positive change in the energy industry. We are driven by a bold vision: to harness the power of sustainable energy sources and drive the transition towards a cleaner and more prosperous world. As a Switzerland registered company, we are at the forefront of the energy revolution, leveraging our expertise in oil and gas, solar, lithium mining, hydro generation, and agriculture to create a holistic approach to sustainable development. With a firm commitment to environmental responsibility, community empowerment, and technological innovation, we are dedicated to reshaping the future of energy.

Our History

Our Company History


Fueling Change for 40 Years, Evolving and Expanding Across the World

Green2Energy has a rich and dynamic history that spans four decades of innovation, growth, and global impact. Since our inception 40 years ago, we have been steadfast in our commitment to shaping a sustainable future through renewable energy and responsible practices. From humble beginnings to becoming a renowned player in the energy industry, our journey has been marked by continuous evolution and expansion across the world.

Pioneering Roots: Green2Energy was founded in 1983 with a vision to revolutionize the energy landscape by harnessing the potential of renewable resources. In our early years, we focused on pioneering research and development, exploring cutting-edge technologies that would lay the foundation for our future endeavors. We recognized the urgent need for a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, and it became our driving force.

Expanding Horizons: As we gained momentum, Green2Energy expanded its operations, extending our reach beyond national borders. We ventured into international markets, forging strategic partnerships and collaborating with industry leaders to amplify our impact. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we began implementing renewable energy projects and establishing a global presence that would shape the energy transition worldwide.

Our Investment

What You Get

At Green2Energy, we offer a range of exciting investment opportunities that not only generate attractive financial returns but also drive positive change in the energy and agricultural sectors. By investing with us, you become a vital part of our mission to create a sustainable future. Explore the following investment options and join us in fueling change:

1. Renewable Energy Projects: Invest in our portfolio of renewable energy projects, including solar, hydroelectric, and wind installations. These projects contribute to reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy independence, and promoting a greener energy mix. With a track record of successful project development and a focus on long-term sustainability, these investments offer the potential for stable returns while making a significant positive impact on the environment.

2. Sustainable Lithium Mining: Participate in our responsible lithium mining ventures that support the rapidly growing demand for lithium-ion batteries. With the rise of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, investing in sustainable lithium extraction ensures a cleaner future while tapping into the expanding market for battery technologies. Our mining operations prioritize environmental stewardship and community engagement, making this an ethical and promising investment opportunity.

3. Agriculture and Food Security Initiatives: Contribute to sustainable agriculture and food security by investing in our agricultural projects. We prioritize regenerative farming practices, innovative technologies, and the development of resilient farming systems. By investing in these initiatives, you support the production of nutritious and sustainable food, promote local economic growth, and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

4. Innovation and Technology: Invest in our research and development initiatives focused on innovative clean energy technologies. By supporting breakthrough solutions, you contribute to advancing the energy sector and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future. From energy storage innovations to smart grid solutions, your investment can help drive the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

5. Community-Owned Renewable Energy Projects: Join us in empowering communities through our community-owned renewable energy projects. By investing in these initiatives, you directly contribute to democratizing access to clean energy and fostering local economic development. These projects create shared ownership and benefits, empowering communities to actively participate in the transition to sustainable energy while generating attractive returns for investors.

Why Invest with Green2Energy

  1. Strong Track Record: With over 40 years of experience, Green2Energy has a proven track record of successful project development and a history of delivering financial returns to our investors.
  2. Sustainable Focus: We are dedicated to sustainable and responsible practices across all our investment sectors, ensuring a positive environmental and social impact.
  3. Diverse Portfolio: Our diverse portfolio allows you to choose from multiple investment options based on your financial goals and values.
  4. Global Reach: With our expanding presence worldwide, investing with Green2Energy offers access to international markets and opportunities for global impact.
  5. Expertise and Partnerships: Our team of experts and strategic partnerships enable us to identify and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities in the energy and agricultural sectors.

Invest with us today and be a part of the transition to a sustainable and prosperous future. Together, we can power sustainable growth and make a lasting impact on our planet. Contact us for more information and to explore investment opportunities.

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Hot Package

Sustainable Energy Starter

  15%/ 5 Days

Minimum Deposit: $40

Maximum Deposit: $1,999

Profit on Investment: 15%

Duration: After 5 Days

10% Referral Bonus


Most Popular

Lithium Mining Growth

  36%/ 8 Days

Minimum Deposit: $2000

Maximum Deposit: $4999

Profit on Investment: 36%

Duration: After 8 Days

10% Referral Bonus


Impact Package


  48%/ 6 Days

Minimum Deposit: $5,000

Maximum Deposit: $1,500,000

Profit on Investment: 48%

Duration: After 6 Days

10% Referral Bonus